Substance Abuse Prevention evening with Jermaine Galloway (Tall Cop)


Here is my FACEBOOK entry:

So I jumped on the bus this afternoon and went to this event at the Library. The school district is sponsoring this Substance Abuse Prevention evening with Jermaine Galloway, better known as “Tall Cop” . The invitation says he is “nationally sought after presenter”. I got there 5 min. before the event started and pulled out my phone to take a twitter pic with the ‘happening now’ tag. All of a sudden “Tall Cop” yelled at me that I cannot be taking pictures of his ‘intellectual property’ etc…. So I got up and left. Who wants to work all day and then go to an event sponsored by the school to get yelled at?

If I want that kind of treatment I can just wait for the next school board meeting. At any rate, parents often report to me how rudely they are treated by school staff. On occasion I see what they are talking about. Maybe I’ll head over to the church sponsored meeting on food storage and see if I can find someone there to yell at me. We’ll see if this bus route 516 can get me there on time.

I wonder why we can’t get parents

to attend school events? 

The other questions I have:

  • How much is the District spending to have someone come to Salt Lake City and be rude to taxpayers? (the email with that question had been submitted, If I don’t get a response, I will submit a GRAMA request)


  • Am I to understand that we don’t have local expertise that can educate us on substance abuse? 

PDF Link to Invitation


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