Public Comment to UTA Board of Directors

  PDF Version of Letter TEXT OF PUBLIC COMMENT LETTER TO THE UTA BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Dear Chairman Burton, It was just brought to my attention that UTA has published their Title VI report on their web page. [1] I am pleased to see UTA publish some version of its Title VI plan. As you are aware, I recently filed a complaint with U.S. Department of Federal Transportation [2] asserting that UTA, the Wasatch Front … Continue reading

Cease and Desist Letter From Utah Transit Authority

I filed a GRAMA Appeal with UTA Board Chairman Burton as set forth in UTA Corporate Policy 1.1.10 -Records Access and Management Policy. In response to my GRAMA appeal Chairman Burton has the UTA attorney send me a CEASE and DESIST letter. Yet UTA wants the public to trust them. TEXT OF MY GRAMA APPEAL LETTER: 15 January 2016 SENT USPS CERTIFIED/RESTRICTED DELIVERY:9590 9401 0065 5071 7975 58 Mr. H. David Burton, Chair – Board of … Continue reading

Public Transit Justice (letter)

TEXT OF LETTER TO Utah Transit Authority: 28 December 2015 Delivered via electronic mail Ms. Ruth Hendricks, Title VI Compliance Officer ℅ Utah Transit Authority (UTA) 669 West 200 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84101   Re: Transit Amenities Equity Analysis   Dear Ms. Hendricks,   I am writing to request a copy of UTA’s most recent Title VI – Transit Amenities Equity Analysis. [1] I am also interested in obtaining a copy of the … Continue reading