Singing the Praises of the Superintendent (video)

This past Tuesday night school board meeting (the echo chamber) was one of the oddest yet.It started off with most of the school district principals in attendance and one of their number singing the praises of Superintendent Withers.The board president and other members of the board would later pontificate on the importance of board meetings being “student centered”. That is of course, after we turn the meeting into the “McKell Withers show”. … Continue reading

Letter of Condemnation or Badge of Honor?

Tonight’s school board meeting was odd. It started off with many of the district’s principals in attendance. I received a couple of calls earlier today, that they were ordered to attend. One the principals spoke about how great the superintendent is. The school board president then passed out a packet of superintendent support letters, written by various employees of the school district. Towards the end of the meeting, the board president passed out a letter signed … Continue reading


A soccer Mom is someone you do not want to tangle with–The Salt Lake City School District bureaucracy learned that lesson when they ran afoul of the soccer moms of East High School. Last Friday the school district ordered the disbandment of the East High sophomore /freshman boys’ soccer team. Link: District Nixes Soccer Team On Monday night, one of the soccer moms wrote the following email to school district officials: “I am reaching out … Continue reading