School Board Agenda: Internal Communications & External Relations

  16 September 2014 DELIVERED VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL TO MEMBERS OF THE SCHOOL BOARD Mrs. Kristi Swett, Board President Salt Lake City School District 2256 South King St. Salt Lake City, Utah 84109 Agenda: Internal/Communications and External Relations Dear Mrs. Swett, This letter is in response to an email exchange that I read last night, between board member Laurel Young and one of the Uintah parents in reference to discussions at future school board meetings. … Continue reading

School Bus Safety Inspections: Letter to the Utah Highway Patrol

Text of Letter to Lt. Gillmore of the Utah Highway Patrol: 15 September 2014 Delivered Via Electronic Mail Lt. Greg Willmore, Utah Highway Patrol Safety Inspections Division 5500 West Amelia Earhart Drive Salt Lake City, Utah 84116   RE: School Bus Safety Inspections  Dear Lt. Willmore, I am writing this letter to alert you to a school bus, safety hazard, involving 18 buses. Based on a phone call I received from a bus driver and … Continue reading

School Bus Danger: No Defroster

“Are you aware that the defroster in the school bus does not work when this shut down is in place? I had a bus driver call me and reported that during the recent down pour he could not see out the windshield because the defroster would was not working. He described how dangerous it was to drive a bus in that condition on the road and through school parking lots. This is yet another example … Continue reading

Board of Education Annual Planning Session (video)

  In the June 3, 2014 School Board meeting  , I questioned the wisdom of having to hold a school board meeting at Snowbird Ski Resort. I was told that being at Snowbird helps the school board get into a “different frame of mind” because this is our annual “planning” session. Sadly their idea of the school board “brain storming” about the following year consist of the Superintendent dictating the annual schedule, which is a … Continue reading

Keeping Promises: Next Steps in Lunchroom Fiasco

  9 September 2014 DELIVERED VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL Kristi Swett, President Salt Lake City Board of Education 2256 South King Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84109   Keeping Promises: Next Steps in Lunchroom Fiasco Dear President Swett, I am writing this letter to ensure that as a School Board, we follow through with what we established in the public meeting on September 2, 2014. In reviewing my notes, it appears that we agreed to the … Continue reading