Legislative Audit Needed on School Transportation Funding!

  TEXT OF LETTER TO SENATOR STEPHENSON and SENATOR ESCAMIA 22 February 2016 HAND DELIVERED & ELECTRONIC MAIL The Honorable Howard Stephenson The Honorable Luz Escamia ℅ Utah Senate State Capitol Complex Salt Lake City, Utah 84114 Re: Salt Lake City School District, Transportation Audit Dear Senator Stephenson and Senator Escamia, I am writing to ask that you consider requesting a Legislative Audit on Public School Busing in the state of Utah. I have reason … Continue reading

From the Schoolhouse to the Courthouse

In the District Court of Utah Third Judicial District Salt Lake County 450 South State St. Salt Lake City, Utah 84114 Jon Michael Clara, in his official capacity as an Elected Member of the Salt Lake City Board of Education, District 2 Plaintiff, v. Salt Lake City Board of Education; and its MEMBERS: President Kristi Swett; Vice President Heather Bennett, Laurel Young, Doug Nelson, Rosemary Emery, Tiffany Sandberg, in their individual and representative capacities as … Continue reading

Utah Attorney General: Investigating the Salt Lake City School Board

  03 October, 2014 Hand Delivered & Electronic Mail The Honorable Sean Reyes Utah Attorney General Utah State Capitol Complex 350 North State Street, Suite 230 Salt Lake City, Utah 84114 Re: Violation of Utah Open & Public Meetings Act Dear Mr. Reyes, I am submitting this letter as a formal complaint to your office, because I believe that the Salt Lake City Board of Education violated Utah Open & Public Meetings Act [see Utah … Continue reading