From the Schoolhouse to the Courthouse

In the District Court of Utah Third Judicial District Salt Lake County 450 South State St. Salt Lake City, Utah 84114 Jon Michael Clara, in his official capacity as an Elected Member of the Salt Lake City Board of Education, District 2 Plaintiff, v. Salt Lake City Board of Education; and its MEMBERS: President Kristi Swett; Vice President Heather Bennett, Laurel Young, Doug Nelson, Rosemary Emery, Tiffany Sandberg, in their individual and representative capacities as … Continue reading

Unmasking More Central Office Deception

On October 6, 2014, Jason Olsen informed the Board of Education that a statement was going to be released to Uintah parents. The statement leads out with the following sentence: “During the course of the external investigation commissioned by the Salt Lake City School District Board of Education, it was discovered that over $8,000.00 in Uintah student lunch monies had been misapplied to various student lunch accounts…” When I read it, I thought to myself, I … Continue reading