HB 250 Local School Board Amendments — Draxler, J. (Support)

“As an individual board member, you have no authority,  we are a body corporate, you are only a board member when the board is in session” The Utah School Board Association (USBA) has indoctrinated new school board members into believing that they do not have authority outside of a convened school board meeting. See blog link to new board member orientation process: What Really Happen at the December 1, 2012 -USBA Orientation In the picture … Continue reading

School Grading Working Group Update (01/16/14)

The manner and results of our new school grading system does not match the legislative intent. This is one of the things I learned this past Thursday, while participating in the school grading working group chaired by Senator Stuart Adams (Senate sponsor of SB 271 School Grading Amendments [2013]). I was particularly intrigued with the presentation by Frank Anderson of Timpanogos Academy. Mr. Anderson demonstrated that the current manner in which school grades are calculated, … Continue reading

S.L. School Board Lets Public Watch Its Self Evaluation (Tribune)

  BY LISA SCHENCKER THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE PUBLISHED: JANUARY 14, 2014 07:05AM UPDATED: JANUARY 13, 2014 10:30PM After many friction-filled meetings, the Salt Lake City School District board conducted a self-evaluation Monday evening in public, eschewing earlier thoughts of possibly doing it behind closed doors. The board’s agenda had labeled the self-evaluation portion of the meeting as “closed” to give the board the option to go into closed session if need be, said board vice president … Continue reading

Amid Turmoil, Salt Lake City School Board Wants to Close Part of Meeting for Self-evaluation (Tribune)

Education • Member at center of friction says the criteria to exclude public have not been met BY LISA SCHENCKER THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE PUBLISHED: JANUARY 13, 2014 01:01AM UPDATED: JANUARY 13, 2014 01:01AM Following months of turmoil among board members, capped off by accusations of racism last week, the Salt Lake City School District board might close a portion of its meeting to the public Monday to conduct a “board self-evaluation.” It’s not unusual for … Continue reading