School Grading Working Group Update (01/16/14)

The manner and results of our new school grading system does not match the legislative intent. This is one of the things I learned this past Thursday, while participating in the school grading working group chaired by Senator Stuart Adams (Senate sponsor of SB 271 School Grading Amendments [2013]). I was particularly intrigued with the presentation by Frank Anderson of Timpanogos Academy. Mr. Anderson demonstrated that the current manner in which school grades are calculated, … Continue reading

John Florez: Utah School Boards Get an F Grade (DNews)

  By John Florez , Deseret News Published: Saturday, Sept. 14 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT If Utah’s local school boards were graded, they would get an F, or at best an incomplete. Some seem to suffer from chronic public absenteeism and don’t do their homework. When the law went in to effect requiring schools be given a grade for their performance, there was an immediate outcry by school administrators, teachers and some parents for its … Continue reading

Clara: Educators’ Pessimism Doesn’t Help Students (Tribune)

Clara: Educators’ pessimism doesn’t help students BY MICHAEL CLARA PUBLISHED: SEPTEMBER 14, 2013 01:01AM In recent days, many oppositional voices have been raised over Utah’s new school grading system. Mine was not one of them. As a local school board member, one of my statutory responsibilities is to “use progress-based assessments as part of a plan to identify schools, teachers, and students that need remediation and determine the type and amount of federal, state, and … Continue reading

Three Cheers for Glendale Middle School! Grade: B

Utah’s House of Representative Angela Romero, Archie Archuleta and I had an awesome meeting with Glendale Middle School’s administration on Wednesday-September 4, 2013. We received an update on the great strides in academic success that the students at Glendale are achieving.    Below is the text of a letter I sent to the Principal:  4 September 2013   Mr. Chris Gesteland, Principal ℅ Glendale Middle School 1430 W. Andrew Avenue Salt Lake City, Utah 84104 Re: Congratulations! Mr. … Continue reading