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“You are not allowed to wear that shirt standing next to the enemy of public education, we are a body corporate, you do not represent this board!”

"As an individual board member, you have no authority,  we are a body corporate, you are only a board member when the board is in session"

The Utah School Board Association (USBA) has indoctrinated new school board members into believing that they do not have authority outside of a convened school board meeting.

See blog link to new board member orientation process:
What Really Happen at the December 1, 2012 -USBA Orientation

In the picture above, I am standing next to Representative G. Hughes, following a press conference this past summer.

After I posted this picture on Facebook, several school board members told me that I could not wear a shirt identifying myself as a school board member because as an “individual” I have no authority. They went on to say that I cannot wear that shirt, standing next to Rep. Hughes of all people, he is the enemy of public education”

USBA did a presentation to the Salt Lake City School Board this past Monday and again repeated the mantra “as an individual you have no authority…we are a body corporate”.  The board president reminded everyone, “that is state law”.

This amendment will help clarify that false indoctrination:

“Notwithstanding a local school board’s status as a body corporate, an elected member of a local school board serves and represents the residents of the local school board member’s district, and that service and representation may not be restricted or impaired by the local school board member’s membership on, or obligations to, the local school board.”

HB 250 Local School Board Amendments — Draxler, J.

This was the subject of in the Legislative Task Force on Education in August 2013.

Here is a short version of what occurred:

Article Follow Up: School Board Maverick Stirs Teacher Debate at Legislature (Tribune)

Here is a more in depth account on the hearing:

What Really Happen at the August 27, Task Force Meeting? (video)

Soon after winning the election in 2012. Columnist John Flores wrote an excellent article explaining where a school board member’s proprieties should be placed:

New School Board Members Can Make A Difference (Deseret News)

There are multiple examples throughout this blog, documenting the constant assault leveled at the authority of an elected member of the school board, all in the name of “body corporate”.  I’ve cited a couple of silly ones above.




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