The Series: Cannibalization of Public Education

Cannibalization of Public Education is a series of blog entries responding to the school district’s assertion that as an elected member of the Board of Education, I am have cost the district $75,000.00 (as of December 2014) due to the Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA) requests I have filed over the past two years. That accusation is actually an indictment against the school bureaucracy. As a policy maker, I should not have to submit … Continue reading

GRAMA Documents [Cannibalization of Public Education]

  I have titled this series of Blog entries; “The Cannibalization of Public Education” The point being that if the school bureaucracy is going to expend resources monitoring the activities of the elected officials that are charged with oversight of the school district, then who is managing the education of our children? If the bureaucracy is allowed to intimidate and marginalize education policy makers, then public education as we know it will continue to implode … Continue reading