Majority, [Ethnic] Minority School District!

Based on the 2012, Salt Lake City School District enrollment numbers, we can boast that 57% of our student population are children of color! I recently wrote a blog entry on one way we can meet the demands of a Majority, Minority School District: Associate Superintendent of Educational Equity? The picture above was a few of the participants of a meeting we had on May 1, 2014 at the Westside Community Learning Center next to Mountainview … Continue reading

Associate Superintendent of Educational Equity?

A bold and resourceful way to address the issues facing a Majority-Minority School District is to propose to the school board that they hire an Associate Superintendent of Educational Equity that reports directly to them. The latest enrollment numbers shows the Salt Lake City School District with a student population of 24,723 students, ethnic minority student’s account for 57% of that number. Yet there is reluctance on the district’s part to address the unique issues … Continue reading

Title I Schools Not Eligible for Class Size Reduction Local Funding?

16 May 2014 Delivered via Electronic Mail Janet, Roberts, Business Administrator Salt Lake City School District 440 East 100 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 Re: Supplementing or Supplanting Title I Money?   Dear Ms. Roberts, In the May 6, 2014, School Board meeting, during the budget discussion about class size reduction, you distributed two documents: 1.       Salt Lake City School District 2014-2015 Budget Development Salt Lake City School District 2014—15 Spring Staffing Projections Document … Continue reading

Cleaver Superintendent Finagles a $21,000.00 Raise

On May 6, 2014, the school board went through a very, NOT so, transparent process in giving the superintendent a $21,000.00 salary increase. Several days prior to the school board meeting. The board president sent us an email, with a confidential draft of a proposed contract with the superintendent. The email said we could not share the contents of the contract and we were to provide her with feedback. The ONLY time the board could … Continue reading