Deseret News: Salt Lake School District Under Federal Investigation for Claims of Discrimination

  SALT LAKE CITY — Federal education authorities are looking into allegations of racial discrimination and unfair treatment against minority students in the Salt Lake School District. The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights will investigate the district in response to a complaint of disproportionate discipline for black, Latino, Polynesian and Native American students in the district, among other issues, according to a Wednesday announcement by the American Civil Liberties Union. Many of … Continue reading

Letter to Health Department: Cell Tower Danger

  25 January 2015 Delivered Via Electronic Mail Mr. Dale Keller – Environmental Health Salt Lake County Health Department 788 East Woodoak Lane Murray, Utah 84107 Re: Request for Inspection and Assistance Dear Mr. Keller, On behalf of the residents living within the District 2 boundaries of the Salt Lake City School District and in my capacity as an elected official, [1] I am requesting your assistance because I have reason to believe that the … Continue reading

2nd Equity Leadership Team Meeting for 2014!

This past Thursday (06/05/2014) the Salt Lake City School District held its second Equity Leadership Team Meeting for 2014. BACKGROUND: The Equity Leadership Team had its inception in the district, in 2008. The September 1, 2009, School Board meeting the minutes sate the following: “Kathleen Christy and Curtis Linton, School Improvement Network, told board members tonight’s report would provide a brief history of the Equity Leadership Team. Mr. Linton said the group was formed last … Continue reading

Majority, [Ethnic] Minority School District!

Based on the 2012, Salt Lake City School District enrollment numbers, we can boast that 57% of our student population are children of color! I recently wrote a blog entry on one way we can meet the demands of a Majority, Minority School District: Associate Superintendent of Educational Equity? The picture above was a few of the participants of a meeting we had on May 1, 2014 at the Westside Community Learning Center next to Mountainview … Continue reading