A Call to Action: Mañana is Now (tribute)

MINMP I celebrated Pioneer Day amongst friends, at Jon and Jen’s 8th Annual 24th of July Celebration. Two of my mentors and Elders of the Hispanic community were there. Although we come from opposite ends of the political spectrum (I am Republican and they are Democrats), only on a couple of occasions have they held that against me. The other 97% of the time they have treated me as a son and have looked out … Continue reading

Denied GRAMA Request

PDF GRAMA Request P#1                 PDF GRAMA Request P#2   On February 25, 2013 -I submitted a ‘Government Records Access And Management Act  (GRAMA) request to the superintendent.  I know that he received because I sent it certified mail and received the return-receipt. Superintendent Whithers also acknowledged receiving it in an email to the school board. It’s a shame that as a sitting school board member, I have to submit a GRAMA request in order to receive information. The is yet another … Continue reading

Treat Teachers As Professionals

Treat Teachers As Professionals By John Florez  If private employers treated their employees like Utah lawmakers treat their teachers, they would be out of business and cited for violating labor laws. Yet, we see legislators continue to blame teachers for our failing schools. They keep trying to pass laws on how to fire poor performing teachers, demand more accountability, add more needless regulations and even try to dismantle education with a thousand cuts. Such actions … Continue reading

School Board Should Retool Education For The New Economy

School Board Should Retool Education For The New Economy by John Florez, Deseret News Andy Grove, former chairman of Intel, once said, “If you are not paranoid, you are out of business.” So it may be with the state school board. American businesses have taken Grove’s advice and retooled themselves for today’s economy. Utah’s state school board members would do our state well to do the same. In 2001, the Utah State Office of Education … Continue reading

Education System Needs Big Medicine

Education System Needs Big Medicine by John Florez, Deseret News  As my late friend, Judge Frank Wilkins used to say, “That calls for big medicine.” And that’s what public education needs today. It is one of the most important institutions needed to compete in the global economy; yet, we have failed to support our elected leaders in making the necessary changes for our students to succeed in the world marketplace. Today, we are living in … Continue reading