Doug Nelson Stretching the Truth at the Allies Dinner (YouTube)

This is a short video of Salt Lake City School District Board member speaking at Equality Utah’s Allies Dinner held on Monday night, September 16, 2013. Although he is publicly calling out Michael Clara for not being at the dinner and for challenging the application of District’s anti-discrimination policy, he left out three important points: 1. Michael was NOT invited to attend the dinner with the board: Forgot to Invite Michael to the Allies Dinner … Continue reading

Forgot to Invite Michael to the Allies Dinner (video)

This short video clip is from the school board meeting on Tuesday the 17th of September, 2013. The Vice President of the Board is referencing the fact that not everyone was informed about the Board’s invitation to attend Equality Utah’s Allies Dinner on Monday night the 16th of September. Michael did not get the word to attend, yet Board member Doug Nelson publicly calls him out for not attending: Doug Nelson Stretching the Truth at … Continue reading

The Case of the Disappearing Agenda Item (Audio)

  In the January 22, 2013, School Board meeting the Board President had the Board vote on an issue that was not on the original published agenda. (See snap shot above:yellow highlight). It appears, in order to rectify the fact that the board voted on a non-agenda item, they just added it to the agenda after the meeting was done. It remained that way for about four months. The attached Audio is of the May … Continue reading

Utah State Auditor’s Office Denies School District’s GRAMA Request

070913boardAuditor Audio of a portion of the meeting In the July 9, 2013, School Board meeting at Snowbird (annual retreat), the Superintendent distributed a letter that the District received from the Sate Auditor’s Office denying the District’s GRAMA request. Board member Laurel Young then demanded that the superintendent calculate the cost that this and other complaints filed by me are costing the District. I responded that we should also calculate the cost that a 52% … Continue reading