The Case of the Disappearing Agenda Item (Audio)


Altered Agenda: January 22, 2013 -School Board Meeting


In the January 22, 2013, School Board meeting the Board President had the Board vote on an issue that was not on the original published agenda. (See snap shot above:yellow highlight).

It appears, in order to rectify the fact that the board voted on a non-agenda item, they just added it to the agenda after the meeting was done. It remained that way for about four months.

The attached Audio is of the May 7, 2013 School Board Meeting. The agenda item for that meeting is listed as:

#1. Board Meeting Minutes, Policy 2

Prior to this meeting, vice president Heather Bennett and I spoke about this issue. Heather committed to me that we could discuss this issue at the next School Board meeting.

On the audio, you will hear me asking Business Administrator Janet Roberts how an item got added to the January 22, 2013, School Board Meeting agenda after the meeting was concluded.

Her laptop is connected to the screen in the Board room and she is looking up and displaying it to the entire School Board and those in the audience. That version of the agenda displayed was the altered version as seen above.

As the discussion is ensuing, you will hear board member Tiffany Sandberg invoke parliamentary procedure to cut off discussion and board member Doug Nelson declares, “it’s not about you”. The Board President agrees in spite of my objections that the issue was relevant to the posted agenda item. We did vote to allow additional language at the bottom of all agendas back to January of 2013. My objection in this blog, relates to the item specific that was voted on.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio of a portion of the May 7, 2013 School Board Meeting

This is how issues get swept under the rug: The Vice President says we will discus it in the meeting. Parliamentary procedures are used to stifle the discussion.

Following the May meeting, it appears that the Business Administrator had the item removed from the agenda so that it has now reverted back to the original official posted agenda. No explanation was ever given to me or the School Board. Multiple inquiries of this nature go unanswered.

At first blush, this may appear to be a minor issue. If nothing else, it serves as a window into the type of mentality possessed by those that are running the school board and the District. It begs the question:

What other documents are they altering? 


YELLOW Highlight is mine, indicates what was added/removed



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