Public School Bureaucracy Running Amock (Again!)

As a local elected official, the Utah state legislature has given me the authority to exercise my fiduciary duty over the finances of the school district (Utah Code 53A-3-402) My neighbors decided at the ballot box, that I should have the power to exercise that authority. I find myself, yet again, attempting to navigate the road blocks that the school district bureaucracy throws in my path. Case in point: I recently filed a  GRAMA Request … Continue reading

Upgrading Schools for a Digital World

Upgrading schools for a digital world by John Florez If 65 percent of children entering school this fall may end up in careers that haven’t been invented, why do lawmakers think evaluating teachers annually will improve education? According to a MacArthur Foundation study, 65 percent of students in today’s classrooms will be doing jobs that have not yet been created. So why do lawmakers want to evaluate teachers based on a system that is teaching … Continue reading