Timeline: Unauthorized Re-Organization of the School District

October 20, 2015 –Board of Education Closed Door Meeting Ten minutes prior to the Closed Door Meeting ending, Superintendent Withers informs the Board that he is creating three new positions to replace the Associate Superintendent who just retired. I objected to the reorganization and was not allowed to ask questions. October 21, 2015 – General Administrators Meeting (GAM) Superintendent Withers announces the unauthorized reorganization to the administrators of the District. He distributes this document: GAM Handout … Continue reading

Letter of Apology to Dr. Christy

24 October 2015 DELIVERED VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL Ms. Kathleen Christy, Assistant Superintendent ℅ Department of Educational Equity Salt Lake City School District 440 East 100 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84111   Re: Letter of Apology   Dear Dr. Christy, I am writing to apologize for the way that Superintendent McKell Withers treated you this past week when he announced the restructure of the superintendence’s office. While I do not speak for the man, you … Continue reading

The Unauthorized Creation of an ALL WHITE Superintendency

TEXT OF LETTER TO McKell Withers: 22 October 2015 DELIVERED: ELECTRONIC MAIL Mr. McKell Withers, Superintendent ℅ Salt Lake City School District (District) 440 East 100 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84111      Re: Superintendent’s Violation of Board Policy B-1 Dear Superintendent Withers, I have received multiple calls from administrators advising me that in Wednesday’s, General Administrator Meeting (GAM), you announced a reorganization of the District management structure by creating three new positions: Chief Academic … Continue reading

Angry Elitist at the Board of Education (letter & video)

At the October 6, 2015 Board of Education Meeting, I distributed the following letter to members of the Board. Without even knowing of its contents the Board President and immediate past president declared that it should not be made part of the minutes of the meeting (see video below). TEXT OF THE LETTER: 6 October 2015 Hand Delivered Ms. Heather Bennett, Board President ℅ Salt Lake City Board of Education 440 East 100 South Salt … Continue reading