Misappropriation of State Gang Prevention/Intervention Program Funds

  TO:   Senate Education Committee & House Education Committee– Utah State Legislature FROM:   J. Michael Clára –Board Member, District 2 CC:  President Niederhauser ▪ Speaker Hughes ▪ Senator Escamilla ▪ Representative Romero ▪ Utah State Auditor Dougall ▪ Superintendent Cunningham ▪ Business Administrator Roberts DATE:       3 October 2016              SUBJECT:    Misappropriation of the State Gang Prevention/Intervention Program Funding [1] Acting under the authority of my elected office, and in my official capacity as a … Continue reading

Did Senator Howard Stephenson Tell the Board to Violate Open Meeting’s Act?

  At the March 1, 2016 -Board of Education meeting – We were advised that Senator Howard Stephenson wanted the Board to violate Utah Open Meeting Act and NOT talk about it in a public meeting. I confirmed with Senator Stephenson that he said no such thing. As a result of the illegal vote by the Board, I filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office. Here is the link: Senate Bill 38 -School Funding Amendments … Continue reading