PACE: Partnership for Accessing College Education While attending West High 9th Grade Orientation, I learned about the PACE Program. It is a two year scholarship for tuition at SLCC. PACE—Partnerships for Accessing College Education—is a program created to increase college participation and graduation rates for underserved high school students. The project was created by a partnership between local high schools, businesses, and Salt Lake Community College (SLCC).   Eligibility requirements to become a PACE Scholar Students must be 9th grade freshmen at West, … Continue reading

West High School: 9th Grade Orientation

Had a great time this morning at West High’s 9th grade orientation. We all met in the auditorium and then broke up into five groups and we rotated into various workshops. I was particularity impressed with the fact  that the staff and administration was aware of the dropout rate of their freshmen and were not afraid to to embrace that ‘truth’. Unlike the mindset and masking I see happening in the Echo Chamber (school board … Continue reading