Utah Cafeteria Manager Who Tossed School Lunches Doesn’t Want Job Back (Tribune)

She calls board’s report misleading, and “it was easy to take it out on a 62-year-old lunch lady.” BY BENJAMIN WOOD THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE PUBLISHED: SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 05:18PM UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 25, 2014 09:31AM A school nutrition manager said she was upset and angry after reading a report blaming her for the fallout when 17 students’ school lunches were thrown away at Uintah Elementary School in January. “I read the report,” Shirley Canham told … Continue reading

The Spying School Superintendent – SSS

TEXT OF THE LETTER SENT TO THE SUPERINTENDENT ABOUT HIS SPYING ACTIVITIES:     24 September 2014 DELIVERED VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL Mr. McKell Withers, Superintendent Salt Lake City School District 440 East 100 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84111-1891 Re: GRAMA REQUEST: Monitoring Elected Officials   Superintendent Withers, It has been brought to my attention that you are utilizing School District resources to monitor my activities and communications. Can you please advise me, where in … Continue reading

GRAMA Request: Police Interrogation of Lunch Lady

  19 September 2014 HAND DELIVERED Salt Lake City Police Department Service Desk 475 South 300 East Salt Lake City, UT 84111 Re: GRAMA: Police Report     Dear SLCPD Service Desk, Pursuant to Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA), Utah Code §63g-2-204: I am requesting a copy of the police report in reference to Shirley Canham a former employee of the Salt Lake City School District. Specifically, she worked at Uintah Elementary School located at … Continue reading