17 Months Later: Discussion on Title I Teachers (video)

  Last year I filed a federal complaint against the school district because they would not allow discussion in a school board meeting about the revolving door of teachers in my neighborhood schools (Title I Schools). The federal investigation is ongoing. We did however, have a very productive discussion on this issue 17 months after I made the request, hey, but who’s counting….. See previous postings for background on the OCR Complaint: Ineffective Teachers –Part … Continue reading

3rd Equity Leadership Team Meeting!

The school district held it third Equity Team Leadership meeting on Thursday –June 26, 20014. Here is the agenda for the meeting and the handout The stated purpose of the Equity Leadership Team: “As a member of the Equity Team, you will participate in a monthly professional learning community focusing on and being accountable for personal, professional and institutional engagement in equity work. We will meet to deepen our learning of educational inequities and how … Continue reading

Lawmakers: Is Salt Lake City School District Serving West Side Students? (Tribune)

Lawmakers: Is Salt Lake City School District serving west side students? BY RAY PARKER THESALT LAKETRIBUNE PUBLISHED: AUGUST 27, 2013 09:32PM UPDATED: AUGUST 27, 2013 10:18PM Utah lawmakers on an Education Task Force questioned Tuesday how well the Salt Lake City School District is serving children in west-side schools, encouraging school board member Michael Clara to continue investigating. Clara filed a complaint with the federal Office of Civil Rights in February, asserting there are too many inexperienced … Continue reading

Board President: Where Are We Empowered to Make Changes?

In our July 9, 2013, School Board retreat up at Snowbird, I brought up the issue of the OCR complaint in the midst of audible sighs from a fellow board members Laurel Young and Heather Bennett. I have already documented the Superintendent’s reaction in a previous blog posting . In this blog posting, I would like to highlight the Board President’s inaction:   2013-07-09-Board-MeetingOCR1      04/09/13 School Board Meeting (audio) Board member Tiffany Sandberg who was elected with … Continue reading

Michael’s Response to School District Attorney about OCR Complaint (Letter)

  The attached letter is in response to a letter I received earlier this month from the School District’s attorney, claiming that the board wanted to ‘dialogue’ about the issues raised in the OCR complaint. The original letter that solicited this response is included as enclosure #1. It is also listed as another Blog Post. PDF Link of Michael Clara Letter to Attorney   PDF Link to Enclosures 1-8 PDF Link to Enclosures 9-14 … Continue reading

School Board Responds Via Attorney: OCR Inquiry (Letter)

Six months later the so called School Board Responds. I say “so called” because the attorney claims to be speaking for the School Board. Yet, I am a member of the School Board and don’t recall any meeting where we discussed this issue or voted on it and came to a consensus on a direction that we should pursue. Yet the attorney claims to be speaking for the School Board. Ironically, I wanted to discuss … Continue reading