iSchool Controversy in the Salt Lake City School District



In the 2013 Legislative Session, SB 284- Educational Technology Amendments was passed into law. Modifies a pilot project known as the Smart School Technology Program by requiring the State Board of Education, to issue a request for proposals for the deployment of whole-school one to one mobile device technology in public schools.

I questioned the school district’s process in applying and being awarded this grant. See my blog entry: Public School Bureaucracy Running Amock (Again!)


PDF Link: District Response to my GRAMA Request

“It was anticipated that approval by our school board would happen when the approval for funds were included in the purchasing report”  

Janet Roberts, Business Administrator



PDF Link: Michael Clara Response to GRAMA

As one who has a fiduciary responsibility over 
school district finances,

I want you to know that I find your explanation highly suspect:

“It was anticipated that approval by our school board would happen when the approval for the funds were
included in the Purchasing Report”.

I do not believe that the intent of the law was to have a local school board approve a grant application via a purchase order buried in a consent agenda.

Aside from the specifics of this particular law,

I find this practice troubling on several levels.

Michael Clara, Board Member



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