Center for Ethnic Student Affairs (U of U)

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Dr. Enrique Aleman Jr. & Brian, attending the U, graduate of West High

Ran into fellow Texan, Dr. Aleman at the Partners in the Park. He is the Assistant Vice President for Student Diversity and Equity at the University of Utah. He was at Poplar Grove Park with students that graduated from Salt Lake City School District. They are doing outreach to students in our community and encouraging them to attend the University of Utah.Their department will help students make the transition from High School to College and then help them stay in schools.It is an extraordinary program that we should all take more advantage of and create tighter bonds between this department and the Salt Lake City School District.


Office for Equity and Diversity
Center for Ethnic Student Affairs

Mission Statement:

The living mission of the Center for Ethnic Student Affairs (CESA) is to provide support to students of color at the University of Utah. While primarily serving the needs of African American, American Indian, Asian American, Latina-Latino, and Pacific Islander students, CESA promotes an environment of acceptance that honors all forms of diversity. The center is committed to providing programming that assists students in navigating cultural, economic, social, and institutional barriers in order to achieve academic excellence. CESA informs its work through the following guiding principles.

Link to Web Page: U of U Office for Equity and Diversity

Dr. Aleman can be reached at 801-581-8151
or by email:




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