Board President: Where Are We Empowered to Make Changes?

In our July 9, 2013, School Board retreat up at Snowbird, I brought up the issue of the OCR complaint in the midst of audible sighs from a fellow board members Laurel Young and Heather Bennett. I have already documented the Superintendent’s reaction in a previous blog posting . In this blog posting, I would like to highlight the Board President’s inaction:   2013-07-09-Board-MeetingOCR1      04/09/13 School Board Meeting (audio) Board member Tiffany Sandberg who was elected with … Continue reading

Board Retreat: Evasive Maneuvers on OCR Complaint (Audio)

School Board Annual Retreat  2013-07-09-Board-MeetingOCR1 Audio #1 starts about 55 minutes into the meeting   2013-07-09-Board-MeetingOCR2 Audio #2 starts 5 minutes after the previous one  In this blog I have posted two short audios of the July 9, 2013, School Board annual retreat. In this meeting the school board sets the list of priorities of issues that they will address in the coming school year. In these two audios you will hear the superintendent and … Continue reading

Michael’s Response to School District Attorney about OCR Complaint (Letter)

  The attached letter is in response to a letter I received earlier this month from the School District’s attorney, claiming that the board wanted to ‘dialogue’ about the issues raised in the OCR complaint. The original letter that solicited this response is included as enclosure #1. It is also listed as another Blog Post. PDF Link of Michael Clara Letter to Attorney   PDF Link to Enclosures 1-8 PDF Link to Enclosures 9-14 … Continue reading

Utah State Auditor’s Office Denies School District’s GRAMA Request

070913boardAuditor Audio of a portion of the meeting In the July 9, 2013, School Board meeting at Snowbird (annual retreat), the Superintendent distributed a letter that the District received from the Sate Auditor’s Office denying the District’s GRAMA request. Board member Laurel Young then demanded that the superintendent calculate the cost that this and other complaints filed by me are costing the District. I responded that we should also calculate the cost that a 52% … Continue reading

Is the Salt Lake City School District Misappropriating Title I Funds?

As we went through the budget process earlier this year I asked several questions that to this day remain unanswered. One of the questions that I asked, was in reference to Title I funding; on May 1,2013 – I sent an email to Janet Robert, Business Administrator asking how many Academic Coaches was the District employing and how were they funded. On May 2, 2013- Janet Roberts sent me a document stating that the 14 … Continue reading