Shared Governance in Salt Lake Schools Under Serious Attack (Part II 04/29/10)

EXAMINER EDUCATION & SCHOOLS APRIL 29, 2010 BY: TAB UNO “The (Salt Lake District) superintendent and the board of education fully support shared governance,” stated James Olsen last Tuesday, the District’s Communications Officer, in response to allegations that the District has “eradicated” the voices of the teachers in the District. He said that, “Shared governance is a valued asset in this district because it provides all stakeholders a voice in the education process, and it provides a structure for making difficult … Continue reading

Shared Governance in Salt Lake Schools Under Serious Attack (Part I 04/28/10)

Examiner EDUCATION & SCHOOLS APRIL 28, 2010 BY: TAB UNO According to Rosemary Emery, a Salt Lake School Board candidate, the voices of teachers are being “eradicated” in the school district. She says that, “In the last 10 years, teachers’ input into the decision making process on schedules has been totally eradicated.” Mrs. Emery stated that, “The district wants the teachers to vote on the new schedule to show shared governance is being followed, the catch is they will not … Continue reading

Board Meeting 01-22-13: Audio of Edited Out Portion of the Meeting

This is the audio of the board meeting on 01-22-13 where the board struggles to understand Utah election code. Edited Out Audio of Board Meeting 01-22-13 Highlights of 01-22-2013 meeting on Utah Election Law As It Pertains To The School Board Race: The board president wanted me to RESTATE  my Point of Order from the  previous meeting (see video titled: Salt Lake School Board NOT following Election LAW) because she said that she did not … Continue reading

POINT OF ODER: School Board Meeting

In the January 08, 2013 I raised a point of order because the agenda stated that the newly elected Board members represented PRECINCTS. The text of the entire letter is at the bottom of this post. Here is the agenda:   Here is the first page of the letter: Point of Order Letter 01/08/2013 In the January 22, 2013 meeting the board President handed out this bullet point memo, the notes in the margin are mine: Board President’s Response to my … Continue reading

Utah Law: Evolution of a Precinct into a District

At the Turn of the Century Local City School Board Members represented local area referred to as Municipal Wards:Utah Code 1953 In 1953 The area was referred to as a Precinct if you represented a county school board: 1953 County School Board In 1953 The definition for a Precinct and District are the reverse of how we define them in 2013: 1953 Definition of Precinct & District In 1994 HB 84 Changed the word Precinct to District: HB 84 (1994) In 2013 The definition for a Precinct is: Utah Code 20A-5-303 Current … Continue reading