Superintendent: Breach of Contract (Letter)

  TEXT OF LETTER: 15 October 2013 DELIVERED VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL Kristi Swett, President Salt Lake City School District, Board 2256 South King Street Salt Lake City, UT 84109    Re: Breach of Contract  Dear President Swett, This letter is to inform you that I will be voting against going into closed session this afternoon for the purposes of evaluating the superintendent. I was only made aware this past Saturday that the evaluation would take … Continue reading

Complaint to State Auditor: SLCSD Budget Process (Letter)

  4 June 2013 [revised]     HAND DELIVERED The Honorable John Dougall Auditor, State of Utah Suite E310, East Office Building Utah State Capitol Complex Salt Lake City, Utah 84114   Re: Salt Lake City School District Dear Mr. Dougall, I am currently serving as a member of the Salt Lake City Board of Education. I am requesting that your office conduct an audit on the financial practices of the Salt Lake City School … Continue reading

Attorney Robson Asserts School Board’s Authority to Hire Principals

“…you do at the end of the day act on those recommendations, and if you disagree with those recommendations then you should vote against it”   “If someone is getting hired it should be put on the agenda [for a vote by the board]“ In the August 6, 2013, School Board Meeting, Attorney John Robson stated that the School Board is the ultimate authority on who gets hired in the District. At one point in … Continue reading

The Case of the Disappearing Agenda Item (Audio)

  In the January 22, 2013, School Board meeting the Board President had the Board vote on an issue that was not on the original published agenda. (See snap shot above:yellow highlight). It appears, in order to rectify the fact that the board voted on a non-agenda item, they just added it to the agenda after the meeting was done. It remained that way for about four months. The attached Audio is of the May … Continue reading

School Board Authority: Abdicated (Audio)

Current School Board policy and state law give authority to the Board of Education to “employ by contract and set salary schedules for the superintendent, business administrator, principals, teachers, and other employees of the district.” Board Policy B1 In our last school board meeting of July 9, 2013, at Snowbird ski resort, I questioned why we were not following that policy. In the audio you will hear the superintendent state that the process has not … Continue reading