Article Follow Up: School Board Maverick Stirs Teacher Debate at Legislature (Tribune)

  The above picture is the article that ran in today’s  front page of the Tribune. This same article is in electronic version with a different title: Lawmakers: Is Salt Lake City School District Serving West Side Students This blog entry is more of a follow up to the article in order to address the multiple emails and phone calls I am receiving from those that want clarification on several issues reported in the Tribune. … Continue reading

Education Task Force: School Governance Testimony (Audio)

  Audio of Michael Clara Testimony – BROKEN AUDIO LINK REPAIRS IN PROGRESS see below for other option  “Board members have historically been criticized for not getting involved in diagnosing problems or developing constructive solutions, as well as evading opportunities to become creatively proactive. Consequently, some scholars suggest that this is has resulted in a shift in local control to the state level.” Local District Responsiveness: Who Governs, Who Participates, And Who Gets Represented? University … Continue reading

Common Core Implementation Issues (Audio)

Common Core Implementation Issues In the July 9, 2013, School Board meeting, the board discusses issues surrounding the implementation of Common Core. The issue of Common Core Math 1 was discussed and how credit is made up if students are moved up to the next level even though they fail a course.   The Board President said that we should get students to take ‘talking points’ home to their parents about Common Core. The Superintendent … Continue reading

Fathers Dominguez & Escalante Working Group

Today was the first meeting of the: Fathers Dominguez & Escalante Working Group The group was formed by Senator Mont Evans. We met in room 210 of the Capitol building. As you can see, some were very excited to part of the group. Members of the group include: Senator Evans, Senator Robles, Representative Romero, Representative Wheatly, Paula Espinoza Wells, Nate Salazar and Michael Clara. More members will be added. We will be working towards commemorating the Dominguez-Escalante Expedition on … Continue reading

Not Optional (Tribune)

Not optional Education should be required PUBLISHED: JULY 20, 2013 01:22PM Poor Aaron Osmond. Tossed into the Utah Senate in midstream (filling the unexpired term of retiring Sen. Chris Buttars), the South Jordan Republican quickly immersed himself in the details of one of the most important and controversial responsibilities of state government — public education. He met with stakeholders on all sides, avoided the stereotypical teacher-bashing that is all too common on his side of … Continue reading