Education Task Force: School Governance Testimony (Audio)

Utah Legislative Task Force on Education

Utah Legislative Task Force on Education


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Audio of Michael Clara Testimony -

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“Board members have historically been criticized for not getting involved in diagnosing problems or developing constructive solutions, as well as evading opportunities to become creatively proactive. Consequently, some scholars suggest that this is has resulted in a shift in local control to the state level.”

Local District Responsiveness:
Who Governs, Who Participates,
And Who Gets Represented?
University of Utah Policy Report

by Andrea K. Rorrer, Ph.D.
Cori Groth,Ph.D. & Brenda Valles, M.Ed.

“School Boards have largely ceased to exercise their representative and policy making functions; for the most part they do not govern, but merely legitimize the policy recommendations of the school superintendents. Thus, according to this view, the public, democratic control of education has been reduced to little more that a sham.”

The Future of School Board Governance:
Relevancy and Revelation
Edited by Thomas L. Alsbury

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