Senator Robles Endorses Michael Clara for Salt Lake City School Board

“Michael Clara is by far and away the best choice for Salt Lake City School Board. While working with Michael on several community issues, I have noted his keen intellect, deep respect for differing opinions, and a willingness to fight tenaciously for policies that protect Salt Lake City’s westside neighborhoods and schools. Michael has proven to be the right formula for moving the westside agenda forward. He has demonstrated a deep dedication to fair and … Continue reading

Mr. & Mrs. Eldon Marshall Endorse Michael Clara for Salt Lake City School Board

We have known Michael for the last decade and over that time period have worked closely with him on several community projects. Michael’s transit planning background, steady demeanor and extensive experience in a variety of Salt Lake City public policy matters over the past 10 years he’s lived here is exactly the experience we need in order to restore balance to the westside. From social justice issues to education to neighborhood improvements and planning, his … Continue reading

Mr. & Mrs. Telema Vea Endorse Michael Clara for Salt Lake City School Board

We are honored to present the name of Michael Clara for your consideration as you cast your vote for a School Board representative. Michael is always working to make our community a better place to live. Recently, we had two different neighbors lose a child through tragic circumstances. One child was killed in an auto-pedestrian accident. The other family lost a child who was a victim of a shooting. Neither of these families had the … Continue reading

Mike Harman Endorses Michael Clara for Salt Lake City School Board

Mayor Becker recently appointed Michael Clara to serve as a Commissioner on the Salt Lake City Housing Authority Board. During the confirmation process with the City Council, former Councilman Van Turner said: “Michael represents the community council very well …always there and takes great interest in our community and I appreciate that. He has worked on very many successful projects that have changed our community for the better. And so I just wanted to thank … Continue reading

Phil Bernal Endorses Michael Clara for Salt Lake City School Board

I am endorsing Michael Clara for Salt Lake City School Board because of his long standing history of advocating for his Westside community. Over the years I have seen Michael successfully lobby legislators on issues important to his neighborhood and the Salt Lake community. He is the only candidate for Salt Lake City School Board that has garnered the respect of elected officials from both major political parties. Michael is the kind of bridge builder … Continue reading