Mr. & Mrs. Eldon Marshall Endorse Michael Clara for Salt Lake City School Board

Marshal Endorsement Photo

We have known Michael for the last decade and over that time period have worked closely with him on several community projects. Michael’s transit planning background, steady demeanor and extensive experience in a variety of Salt Lake City public policy matters over the past 10 years he’s lived here is exactly the experience we need in order to restore balance to the westside.

From social justice issues to education to neighborhood improvements and planning, his broad swath of public service provides him the much-needed context to serve our diverse population at this critical time as we grapple with westside public safety issues and educational deficiencies. Michael’s intellect is matched by his creativity when faced with difficult problems. His forthrightness in addressing the critical issues and his integrity as an inclusive mediator of differing interests demonstrates over and over again, his commitment to the entire community.



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