Did Senator Howard Stephenson Tell the Board to Violate Open Meeting’s Act?

  At the March 1, 2016 -Board of Education meeting – We were advised that Senator Howard Stephenson wanted the Board to violate Utah Open Meeting Act and NOT talk about it in a public meeting. I confirmed with Senator Stephenson that he said no such thing. As a result of the illegal vote by the Board, I filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office. Here is the link: Senate Bill 38 -School Funding Amendments … Continue reading

Agenda Request: Permit Mayor to Sit With the Board of Education!

26 January 2016 DELIVERED VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL Ms. Heather Bennett, Board President ℅ Salt Lake City Board of Education 440 East 100 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 Re: Agenda Request to Formally Accept Mayor Biskupski’s Extended Hand of Friendship Dear Ms. Bennett, I am writing to request that you place the issue of accepting Mayor Biskupski’s request to “attend and participate”, [1] in Salt Lake City Board of Education meetings on the agenda for … Continue reading

The Enraged Board President ! (video)

Prior to this meeting, the Board President sent out a draft Superintendent job announcement. The members of the Board were asked via email to review the document and give recommendations on changes. I sent in an email asking that it be placed on the agenda and voted on by the Board so that the process would be transparent, to that end, a revised agenda was indeed issued. I submitted two recommendations in the public meeting, … Continue reading