The Crafty Attorney & The HR Audit

Kristina Kindle -Superintendent's Attorney

Kristina Kindl -Superintendent’s Attorney

There She Goes Again !
The Misclassification of Another Document

In June of this year, I became aware that the District had commissioned a performance Audit on the Human Resource Department.

I sent an email to Superintendent Withers, requesting a copy of the Audit.

On July 7, 2015, the Superintendent’s personal Attorney, Ms. Kindle emails me a copy of the Audit and states the following:

The Report is marked “Confidential”
and that status must be preserved by you
and the other board members who are viewing the report

On August 17, 2015, I submitted a GRAMA request for the HR Report. Board Policy C-7 is the records management policy. It states that documents are classified utilizing the standards set forth in GRAMA. I could not understand how the document could not be disclosed and utilized by District employees.

On August 18, 2015, Ms. Kindl responded:

As I indicated in my email, the report was marked “confidential” …Insofar as you have now submitted a GRAMA request,
the district agrees that under the law
the report is a public document

So, this is yet another example of what I call the:

Cannibalization of Public Education

It is as though these high paid employees (i.e. Superintendent & his Attorney)  sit around trying to think up ways to keep information from me and the public. At that, they are not very successful.

One of the highlights of the HR Audit, confirms a concern that I raised the first year that I was on the Board. A concern that I was mocked and belittled for raising:

The lowest performing schools
often have difficulty finding and keeping
talented teachers…Leveling the playing field
so that high-needs schools can compete for the best talent
is one of the more important human capital strategies a district can initiate

Attorney Kindle Email

Michael’s GRAMA Request

District’s GRAMA Response

HR Audit




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