Superintendent Issues Inconsistent Media Advisory on Cub Scout Issue

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The Superintendent initially stated that the Cub Scout’s ability to return to the school hinged on the outcome of the BSA’s policy change announcement in May. (See 03/31/13 & 04/01/13 quotes below).

He is now saying that the Cub Scouts can be at the school, they will just have to pay the rental fee. Which is consistent with what the Principal, Scout Executive, and Superintendent advised me on March 19, 2013.

The basis of my complaint to the Office of Civil Rights is that the District changed the status of the Cub Scouts’ use of the building based on their leadership policy.



School Boots Boy Scouts; Salt Lake school Board Member Files Federal Complaint, Tribune 03/31/13

Nationally, the Boy Scouts are surveying leaders and other stakeholders, and the group is expected to announce in May whether it will keep or change its policy…Superintendent McKell Withers said he thought the Cub Scouts and the school had agreed to wait until the May decision and then revisit the meeting request next school year. “I thought the Cub unit was coming back next fall,” Withers said, adding he was surprised to hear about the complaint.

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School Board Member Says Cub Scouts Should Be Allowed At Elementary School, KSL 04/01/13

Spokesman Jason Olsen called the complaint a “surprise” … the principal had been in contact with the Cub Scout group and they had agreed with waiting until next year.. “because a decision from the Scouts in May, may change their policies, the decision was made to wait until next school year,” Olsen said

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