School Board Poised to Release Findings of Lunchroom Debacle Investigation


The school district posted the agenda for tomorrow nights meeting (Tuesday-September 2, 2014).


You will note the following on the September 2, 2014-Salt Lake City School Board Agenda:

C1: Status Report on External investigation


That is their version of Governmental Transparency:


The “external investigation” to which they are referring, is the Uintah Elementary Lunch room debacle that occurred in January of this year.

As a member of the school board, I know that because of a memo I received On August 8th, giving more detail (see blog posting: Michael’s Demand Letter [link below]).

As an elected official, I’m just trying to put the PUBLIC back into the PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM. This is your school district, not theirs!

PDF Version of Agenda


Make the Lunch Lady the “fall-guy” (Lack of Board Oversight -video)

Michael Clara Request for Investigation

Salt Lake Tribune: District Plans Independent Investigation of Discarded Lunches

Michael’s Demand Letter for Full Disclosure of Investigation Findings




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