Heather Bennett: Next School Board President ?



This afternoon, I received a letter from the Education Matters Committee. They are advising me:

“Please DO NOT select Heather Bennett for either position of president or vice president”

The letter goes on to explain characteristics that they have noted in Heather Bennett. One of their statements caught my attention:

“She does not represent the board with dignity and integrity, nor does she treat fellow board members…and members of the public with respect and consideration…” 

I can attest to that description of her character, as I have been the victim of that behavior on numerous occasions. I often get feedback from people in the community about “untruths” Heather has spoken about me in private conversations.

For the purposes of this blog,  I will cite a few examples that will serve as illustrations of why I would have to agree with the request put forward by the Education Matters Committee.

  • In the April 1, 2014, School Board meeting -Heather was part of the group that gave me a letter of reprimand in the school board meeting, although the issue was not on the agenda. This was done at the behest of the public information officer in violation of the Board of Education Handbook.

The handbook states the following:

 ”If a member of the Board of Education violates the Code of Conduct or the      ethical assurances outlined in Board Policy B-1, the board president and vice president will speak to that member about his or her responsibilities. If disruptive or destructive behavior occurs, the board may issue a formal reprimand by a vote of five members.” (page 8)

The above outlined process, was clearly not followed.

  • In December of 2013 – Heather signed a letter that went to the Speaker of House of Representatives. This letter was in response to a list of recommendations that I submitted to the Legislative Task Force on Education. The letter that Heather signed does not address any of the recommendations I submitted, it instead sinks to discussing the personalities of the adults, nothing about educating students.
  • In the September 2013, school board meeting – Heather ran interference for the Superintendent when I asked him questions about the district’s RACE TO THE TOP grant application.

Heather told me in the meeting (while pointing both fingers at me):

“I want you to think about the questions you are asking”

I suppose it was all she could come up with. Heather committed to meeting with me and the Superintendent about my concerns. That never happened.

It was later determined that the Superintendent was not honest about his explanation of the grant process when he explained it to the School Board. The district ended up losing out on yet another year of RACE TO THE TOP funding.

  • In February of  2014, Heather was part of the Cabal that tried to hire a PR Firm to cover up the fumblings of the public relations officer and the superintendent. This was all done without the School Board’s knowledge.

I could cite other examples of why I would vote against Heather Bennett being in any type of “leadership” position , however, I think you get the picture of what we are dealing with.


Education Matters Committee Letter (PDF)

Letter of Reprehend & Letter to the Speaker (PDF)

Attacking the Messenger (video)

Race to the Top Fumble (video)

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