Cub Scouts Invited Back to Mountain View Elementary!



Michael Clara received a letter from the U.S. Department of Educations’s Office for Civil Rights, advising him that the School District has reversed its position on the Cub Scouts and will now allow them to return to Mountain View Elementary.

“OCR believes that the response of the District corrects any prior misapplication of the District’s policy with respect to this Cub Scouts troop and would be consistent with the corrective action that OCR would require if the case had concluded in a violation finding.”

PDF Link to OCR Letter

Contrary to the assertions of Board member Doug Nelson earlier this week at the Equality Utah’s Allies Dinner, Cub Scouts can return to Mountain View Elementary:

Doug Nelson Stretching the Truth at the Allies Dinner (YouTube)


This is a blog entry of the original complaint letter that Michael Clara sent to OCR in March of 2013:

BSA Equal Access Act (Complaint Letter)

School Boots Boy Scouts; Salt Lake School Board Member Files Federal Complaint (Tribune)

This is a link to the most recent Tribune article on this issue:

Civil Rights Complaint Over Boy Scouts Resolved (Tribune)




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