Community Learning Centers

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Community Learning Centers

Scope of a community learning center school - In a community learning center school, young people, their families, and community residents work as equal partners with the school and other community service providers to develop programs and enhance services in five areas:

Quality Education - High-caliber curriculum and instruction enable all children to meet challenging academic standards and use all of the community’s assets as resources for learning.

Personal Development - Young people develop their assets and talents, form positive relationships with peers and adults, and serve as resources to their communities.

Family Support - Family resource centers, early childhood development programs, coordinated health and social services, counseling, and other supports enhance family life by building upon individuals’ strengths and skills.

Family and Community Engagement - Families and other local community members actively participate in designing, supporting, monitoring, and advocating for quality programs, activities, and services in the school and community.

Community Development - All participants focus on strengthening the social networks, economic viability, and physical infrastructure of the surrounding community.

Principles supporting a community learning center school - A commitment to collaboration and improving the whole community provides the foundation for the following core principles:

Fostering Strong Partnerships - Partners share their resources and expertise and work together to design community learning center schools and make them work.

Sharing Accountability - Clear, mutually agreed upon objectives and priorities drive the work of a community learning center school. Data helps partners measure progress toward mutual goals, and agreements enable them to hold each other accountable for the work being done.

Establishing High Expectations - Community learning center schools are organized to support learning for all students. Children and adults are expected to learn, achieve, succeed, and become contributing members of their community.

Building on Strengths - A community learning center school will marshal the assets of the entire community; including the people who live and work there, local organizations, and the school.

Embracing Diversity - Community learning center partners work together to develop respect for people of diverse backgrounds and are committed to the welfare of the whole community.

Results - Increased academic achievement, improved mental/physical health, increased parent involvement, fewer special education referrals, and increased school/community engagement.

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