Utah Law: Evolution of a Precinct into a District

At the Turn of the Century Local City School Board Members represented local area referred to as Municipal Wards:Utah Code 1953 In 1953 The area was referred to as a Precinct if you represented a county school board: 1953 County School Board In 1953 The definition for a Precinct and District are the reverse of how we define them in 2013: 1953 Definition of Precinct & District In 1994 HB 84 Changed the word Precinct to District: HB 84 (1994) In 2013 The definition for a Precinct is: Utah Code 20A-5-303 Current … Continue reading

Salt Lake City Board Members Want More Flexibility, Input (Tribune)

SLC » “Bureaucracy runs everything,” board member says. BY RAY PARKER THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE PUBLISHED: JANUARY 21, 2013 Two members of the Salt Lake City Board of Education want to change how the board operates, including better tracking of issues and more accountability . The newly elected Michael Clara, a well-known community activist, and Rosemary Emery , a two-y ear veteran, said they will voice their concerns during Tuesday ’s public meeting. The seven-member … Continue reading

Utah issues fewer driving privilege cards

Utah issues fewer driving privilege cards Undocumentedimmigrants •Recession,alternative licenses citedas reasons fordip. BY DAVID MONTERO THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE PUBLISHED: JANUARY 25, 2013 The number of driving privilege cards issued to illegal immigrants in Utah dived to a four-y ear low as state data revealed Friday only 36,921 were issued or renewed in 2012 — off from 43,000 in the peak y ear of 2008. Chris Caras, driver service bureau chief with the Utah Department … Continue reading

Hispano jura ante la Junta Educativa de Utah

Hispano jura ante la Junta Educativa de Utah By Reinaldo Escobar /OKespanol Don Miguel, como dice su dirección electrónica o Michael como lo llaman mas comúnmente ya es bien conocido por la comunidad hispana del área oeste de la ciudad que ha visto su apellido en letreros y pancartas pidiendo su voto. Primero fue en condición de candidato al Salt Lake City Council y después como aspirante a miembro del Salt Lake City School Board. … Continue reading


Utah school board races close in some districts

Utah school board races close in some districts BY MELINDA ROGERS THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 7, 2012 Voters selected new members for Utah school boards across the state Tuesday, including races along the Wasatch Front involving some of the state’s largest school districts. The Salt Lake City School District featured a school board election rematch from eight years ago, with incumbent Alama Uluave running against Michael Clara for a seat. In 2004, Uluave … Continue reading