Associate Superintendent of Educational Equity?

A bold and resourceful way to address the issues facing a Majority-Minority School District is to propose to the school board that they hire an Associate Superintendent of Educational Equity that reports directly to them. The latest enrollment numbers shows the Salt Lake City School District with a student population of 24,723 students, ethnic minority student’s account for 57% of that number. Yet there is reluctance on the district’s part to address the unique issues … Continue reading

Facing Suspension or Expulsion?

  FACING SUSPENSION OR EXPULSION? KNOW YOUR RIGHTS One of my neighbors, Maureen Minson  is currently attending the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law and is promoting a student’s ‘know your rights’ campaign. PDF Link to Brochure 2001 In 2001, while serving as the PTA President at Glendale Middle School. I was was concerned about the high number of ethnic minority students being suspended and expelled from the school. I ended up getting … Continue reading


SCHOOL-JUSTICE PARTNERSHIP: KEEPING KIDS IN SCHOOL AND OUT OF COURT The New York State Permanent Judicial Commission on Justice for Children was established in 1988 to improve the lives and life chances of children involved with New York courts. The Commission is chaired by former Chief Judge Judith Kaye, and its members include judges, lawyers, advocates, physicians, legislators, and state and local officials. At its inception, the Commission predominantly targeted its efforts toward the youngest … Continue reading