$8,000 in Utah School Lunch Money Was Misdirected Before Scandal (Tribune)

Schools • The findings are from an independent investigation into lunches being seized, trashed. BY BENJAMIN WOOD THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE PUBLISHED: OCTOBER 7, 2014 01:33PM UPDATED: OCTOBER 7, 2014 07:29PM Thousands of dollars in kids’ lunch money reportedly got shuffled into the wrong accounts before 17 students had their lunches seized at Uintah Elementary School last January. In an email to parents Monday, the Salt Lake City School District said more than $8,000 in … Continue reading

Food Fight (City Weekly)

Investigation into worker who tossed school lunches sparks policy changes By Colby Frazier @colbyfrazierlp When 17 students at Uintah Elementary School had their school lunches tossed into the trash in January, it brought national television outlets to the school’s front door and also prompted a criminal investigation to look into sweeping accounting discrepancies by the lunchroom manager. The criminal probe—known to Salt Lake City School District officials, but not made public until this week—shows that Shirley Canham, … Continue reading

Paul Rolly: Uintah School Lunch Probe Gets Fishier and Fishier

As Alice once said about Wonderland, the case of the Uintah School lunch manager and the trashing of children’s lunches in January is getting “curiouser and curiouser.” Amid suspicions by some parents that a recent report blaming then-Uintah nutrition manager Shirley Canham was a whitewash absolving Salt Lake City School District officials, one school board member has been pressing for answers. Now, he says, district brass are investigating him. Michael Clara, who represents the west … Continue reading

Utah Cafeteria Manager Who Tossed School Lunches Doesn’t Want Job Back (Tribune)

She calls board’s report misleading, and “it was easy to take it out on a 62-year-old lunch lady.” BY BENJAMIN WOOD THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE PUBLISHED: SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 05:18PM UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 25, 2014 09:31AM A school nutrition manager said she was upset and angry after reading a report blaming her for the fallout when 17 students’ school lunches were thrown away at Uintah Elementary School in January. “I read the report,” Shirley Canham told … Continue reading