Civil Rights Complaint Over Boy Scouts Resolved (Tribune)

  Allegation•District disputes Scouts were ever barred from meeting at Mountain View Elementary BY LINDSAY WHITEHURST THE SALT LAKETRIBUNE PUBLISHED: SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 10:23AM UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 10:24AM A federal civil rights complaint alleging a Salt Lake City Boy Scout pack was barred from meeting at Mountain View Elementary due to the national gay membership controversy has been resolved. Salt Lake City School District officials invited the Cub Scouts to meet at the school, defusing the conflict … Continue reading

Doug Nelson Stretching the Truth at the Allies Dinner (YouTube)

This is a short video of Salt Lake City School District Board member speaking at Equality Utah’s Allies Dinner held on Monday night, September 16, 2013. Although he is publicly calling out Michael Clara for not being at the dinner and for challenging the application of District’s anti-discrimination policy, he left out three important points: 1. Michael was NOT invited to attend the dinner with the board: Forgot to Invite Michael to the Allies Dinner … Continue reading

Cub Scouts Invited Back to Mountain View Elementary!

  Michael Clara received a letter from the U.S. Department of Educations’s Office for Civil Rights, advising him that the School District has reversed its position on the Cub Scouts and will now allow them to return to Mountain View Elementary. “OCR believes that the response of the District corrects any prior misapplication of the District’s policy with respect to this Cub Scouts troop and would be consistent with the corrective action that OCR would require if … Continue reading

Forgot to Invite Michael to the Allies Dinner (video)

This short video clip is from the school board meeting on Tuesday the 17th of September, 2013. The Vice President of the Board is referencing the fact that not everyone was informed about the Board’s invitation to attend Equality Utah’s Allies Dinner on Monday night the 16th of September. Michael did not get the word to attend, yet Board member Doug Nelson publicly calls him out for not attending: Doug Nelson Stretching the Truth at … Continue reading

Lawmakers: Is Salt Lake City School District Serving West Side Students? (Tribune)

Lawmakers: Is Salt Lake City School District serving west side students? BY RAY PARKER THESALT LAKETRIBUNE PUBLISHED: AUGUST 27, 2013 09:32PM UPDATED: AUGUST 27, 2013 10:18PM Utah lawmakers on an Education Task Force questioned Tuesday how well the Salt Lake City School District is serving children in west-side schools, encouraging school board member Michael Clara to continue investigating. Clara filed a complaint with the federal Office of Civil Rights in February, asserting there are too many inexperienced … Continue reading

A Call to Action: Mañana is Now (tribute)

MINMP I celebrated Pioneer Day amongst friends, at Jon and Jen’s 8th Annual 24th of July Celebration. Two of my mentors and Elders of the Hispanic community were there. Although we come from opposite ends of the political spectrum (I am Republican and they are Democrats), only on a couple of occasions have they held that against me. The other 97% of the time they have treated me as a son and have looked out … Continue reading