Board Meeting 01-22-13: Audio of Edited Out Portion of the Meeting

This is the audio of the board meeting on 01-22-13 where the board struggles to understand Utah election code. Edited Out Audio of Board Meeting 01-22-13 Highlights of 01-22-2013 meeting on Utah Election Law As It Pertains To The School Board Race: The board president wanted me to RESTATE  my Point of Order from the  previous meeting (see video titled: Salt Lake School Board NOT following Election LAW) because she said that she did not … Continue reading

POINT OF ODER: School Board Meeting

In the January 08, 2013 I raised a point of order because the agenda stated that the newly elected Board members represented PRECINCTS. The text of the entire letter is at the bottom of this post. Here is the agenda:   Here is the first page of the letter: Point of Order Letter 01/08/2013 In the January 22, 2013 meeting the board President handed out this bullet point memo, the notes in the margin are mine: Board President’s Response to my … Continue reading