School Board Meeting: Teacher Upset About OCR Complaint (video)

“This complaint to OCR by Mr. Clara equates to a child who didn’t get his way and throws a tantrum and runs to tattle with an I’ll show you attitude…” “…We must teach an hour of ELD, English Language Development every day due to a previous OCR Mandate initiated by Mr. Clara” Link Explaining “previous OCR mandate” Salt Lake City Teachers Association executive board member Bissegger, would later concede that the solutions that School Board member … Continue reading

Board Meeting: 02/19/2013 (Audio)

021913bmaudio This is a 20 minute audio of the February 19, 2013 School Board Meeting. This audio starts 53 minutes into the meeting. The full audio of the meeting can be accessed on the district’s web page. The Assessment and Evaluation Department of the Salt Lake City School District is seated above giving their presentation to the school board. Looking at the camera is the director of the department, Dr. Jo Ellen Shaeffer and seated to her right is … Continue reading

Board Meeting: 01/22/13 (Audio of Edited Out Portion of the Meeting) & Email to Board President: 01/25/13: High School Schedule As An Agenda Item

Board Meeting: 01/22/13 (Audio of Edited Out Portion of the Meeting) Superintendent Withers attempting to distort our request to have the High Schedule issue on the agenda: BoardMetting012213HSA   <This is about 9 minutes long. The first part of the clip and at the end is where we discuss the superintendent’s interpretation of our intent. Below is a copy of the follow-up email to the president insisting that the agenda item not be worded in such a manner that it … Continue reading

Board Meeting: 01/08/13 (Audio of Edited Out Portion of the Meeting) High School Schedules As An Agenda Item

Board Meeting:01/08/13 High School Discussion This part of the meeting was edited out of the recording that is posted on the district’s web page. Board Member Rosemary Emery stated that she had been trying for two years to get the high school schedule issue on the agenda (Trib Article). The board president and vice president refused to place it on the agenda. In this audio Board Members Rosemary Emery, Michael Clara, and Tiffany Sandberg request … Continue reading