Education System Needs Big Medicine

Education System Needs Big Medicine by John Florez, Deseret News  As my late friend, Judge Frank Wilkins used to say, “That calls for big medicine.” And that’s what public education needs today. It is one of the most important institutions needed to compete in the global economy; yet, we have failed to support our elected leaders in making the necessary changes for our students to succeed in the world marketplace. Today, we are living in … Continue reading

New School Board Members Can Make A Difference (Deseret News)

Link To Article By John Florez, Deseret News Published: Saturday, Dec. 1 2012 12:00 a.m. MST Welcome newly elected local school board members. You have just won a seat on one of America’s archaic institutions. Folklore tells us it’s the bedrock of our democracy — local control. It’s so embedded in our culture that when election time comes around few of us know anything about whom we checked off as our representative. It’s not that the position … Continue reading