School Board Meeting: Teacher Upset About OCR Complaint (video)

“This complaint to OCR by Mr. Clara equates to a child who didn’t get his way and throws a tantrum and runs to tattle with an I’ll show you attitude…” “…We must teach an hour of ELD, English Language Development every day due to a previous OCR Mandate initiated by Mr. Clara” Link Explaining “previous OCR mandate” Salt Lake City Teachers Association executive board member Bissegger, would later concede that the solutions that School Board member … Continue reading

The Truth Is Not Their Friend

Superintendent Issued A Media Advisory : District Media Advisory The superintendent’s media advisory is quoted in the Tribune: “We are disappointed that [Clara] feels the need to seek solutions by contacting federal officials in Denver instead of working collaboratively with the Board of Education and the district,” the statement reads. “We believe Mr. Clara’s complaints can and should be addressed through established board protocol. We are committed to advocating for all students.” (Link To Article). As the Tribune … Continue reading

Equitable Distribution of Experienced Teachers (Letter)

On February 20, 2013, I sent a letter to the school board president asking her to place the teacher staffing issue on the agenda of one of the next two board meetings: Letter: P1         Letter: P2 On February  24, 2013, The school board president replied stating that she would not place the issue on the agenda because it would require  ”such a rapid realignment of agenda priorities”. She also stated “We are sorry you feel we have not given appropriate … Continue reading

Salt Lake City Board Members Want More Flexibility, Input (Tribune)

SLC » “Bureaucracy runs everything,” board member says. BY RAY PARKER THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE PUBLISHED: JANUARY 21, 2013 Two members of the Salt Lake City Board of Education want to change how the board operates, including better tracking of issues and more accountability . The newly elected Michael Clara, a well-known community activist, and Rosemary Emery , a two-y ear veteran, said they will voice their concerns during Tuesday ’s public meeting. The seven-member … Continue reading