The Enraged Board President ! (video)

Prior to this meeting, the Board President sent out a draft Superintendent job announcement. The members of the Board were asked via email to review the document and give recommendations on changes. I sent in an email asking that it be placed on the agenda and voted on by the Board so that the process would be transparent, to that end, a revised agenda was indeed issued. I submitted two recommendations in the public meeting, … Continue reading

Mayor Biskupski Should Have a Place at the Board Table !

Text of Letter to Board President:  6 January 2016 DELIVERED VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL Ms. Heather Bennett, President ℅ Salt Lake City Board of Education 440 East 100 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 Re: Mayor Biskupski Dear Ms. Bennett, I am writing to request that you formally invite newly elected Mayor Biskupski to sit in council with the Board of Education, whenever we convene as an elected body.[1]  As you recall, the Mayor expressed her … Continue reading

Invitation to Superintendent McKell Withers

TEXT OF LETTER TO SUPERINTENDENT: 12 December 2015 DELIVERED VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL Dr. McKell Withers, Superintendent ℅ Salt Lake City School District 440 East 100 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84104 Re: Equity Leadership Team Meeting Dear Dr. Withers, You will recall, that at the last Board meeting, I asked if you were going to respond to the concerns of the community, in reference to your District reorganization plan. You replied: “…there is no avoiding … Continue reading

ACTION ALERT! State Board of Education set to Dissolve CMAC

As a former Chair of the Coalition of Minorities Advisory Committee (CMAC) – I am angered to learn that the USOE Board is poised to dissolve CMAC  at their at their December 4, 2015 meeting. ACTION ALERT! Contact your State Board of Education member and tell them to VOTE NO to dissolve CMAC. Find your Board member here: Link to State Board of Education: Contact Information Here is the link to the agenda for the meeting on 12/04/15 USOE … Continue reading

The Crafty Attorney & The HR Audit

There She Goes Again ! The Misclassification of Another Document In June of this year, I became aware that the District had commissioned a performance Audit on the Human Resource Department. I sent an email to Superintendent Withers, requesting a copy of the Audit. On July 7, 2015, the Superintendent’s personal Attorney, Ms. Kindle emails me a copy of the Audit and states the following: The Report is marked “Confidential” and that status must be … Continue reading