Associate Superintendent of Educational Equity?

A bold and resourceful way to address the issues facing a Majority-Minority School District is to propose to the school board that they hire an Associate Superintendent of Educational Equity that reports directly to them. The latest enrollment numbers shows the Salt Lake City School District with a student population of 24,723 students, ethnic minority student’s account for 57% of that number. Yet there is reluctance on the district’s part to address the unique issues … Continue reading

Tribute: Frank Cordova by Janice Schroeder (video)

  The embedded video is a tribute to Frank Cordova by Janice Schroeder read by Archie Archuleta in March of 2013. Frank Cordova, an advocate, mentor and friend to generations of Chicano and Latino students, passed away having battled cancer this past year. He was a tireless champion for our community and many of us benefited from his efforts. In Utah, Frank was the vanguard of the Chicano movement. He was encouraging, realistic and courageous … Continue reading

PACE: Partnership for Accessing College Education While attending West High 9th Grade Orientation, I learned about the PACE Program. It is a two year scholarship for tuition at SLCC. PACE—Partnerships for Accessing College Education—is a program created to increase college participation and graduation rates for underserved high school students. The project was created by a partnership between local high schools, businesses, and Salt Lake Community College (SLCC).   Eligibility requirements to become a PACE Scholar Students must be 9th grade freshmen at West, … Continue reading

Substance Abuse Prevention evening with Jermaine Galloway (Tall Cop)

Here is my FACEBOOK entry: So I jumped on the bus this afternoon and went to this event at the Library. The school district is sponsoring this Substance Abuse Prevention evening with Jermaine Galloway, better known as “Tall Cop” . The invitation says he is “nationally sought after presenter”. I got there 5 min. before the event started and pulled out my phone to take a twitter pic with the ‘happening now’ tag. All of … Continue reading

Common Core Implementation Issues (Audio)

Common Core Implementation Issues In the July 9, 2013, School Board meeting, the board discusses issues surrounding the implementation of Common Core. The issue of Common Core Math 1 was discussed and how credit is made up if students are moved up to the next level even though they fail a course.   The Board President said that we should get students to take ‘talking points’ home to their parents about Common Core. The Superintendent … Continue reading

Fathers Dominguez & Escalante Working Group

Today was the first meeting of the: Fathers Dominguez & Escalante Working Group The group was formed by Senator Mont Evans. We met in room 210 of the Capitol building. As you can see, some were very excited to part of the group. Members of the group include: Senator Evans, Senator Robles, Representative Romero, Representative Wheatly, Paula Espinoza Wells, Nate Salazar and Michael Clara. More members will be added. We will be working towards commemorating the Dominguez-Escalante Expedition on … Continue reading