Misappropriation of State Gang Prevention/Intervention Program Funds

  TO:   Senate Education Committee & House Education Committee– Utah State Legislature FROM:   J. Michael Clára –Board Member, District 2 CC:  President Niederhauser ▪ Speaker Hughes ▪ Senator Escamilla ▪ Representative Romero ▪ Utah State Auditor Dougall ▪ Superintendent Cunningham ▪ Business Administrator Roberts DATE:       3 October 2016              SUBJECT:    Misappropriation of the State Gang Prevention/Intervention Program Funding [1] Acting under the authority of my elected office, and in my official capacity as a … Continue reading

Civil Rights Complaint: No College Advisor at Horizonte High School (Letter)

  2 October 2016 DELIVERED VIA USPS PRIORITY MAIL Office for Civil Rights, Region VIII U.S. Department of Education Office Cesar E. Chavez Memorial Building 1244 Speer Boulevard, Suite 310 Denver, CO 80204-3582 Re: RESOURCE INEQUITY Complaint Against: Utah State Board of Education & Salt Lake City School District   Dear Region VIII, Acting under the authority of my elected office, and in my official capacity as a member of the Salt Lake City Board of … Continue reading

Letter to AG: Open and Public Meeting Act Violation (Letter)

  30 September 2016 DELIVERED VIA USPS PRIORITY MAIL The Honorable Sean Reyes Utah Attorney General Utah State Capitol Complex 350 North State Street, Suite 230 Salt Lake City, Utah 84114            Re: Superintendent Cunningham’s & Board President Heather Bennett’s                                          Violation of Utah Open & Public Meetings Act   Dear Mr. Reyes, Acting under the … Continue reading

The School District Owes Mr. Kimball Young an Apology

  19 September 2016 DELIVERED VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL Mr. Kimball Young, College Advisor ℅ Horizonte Alternative High School 1234 Main Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 Re: Horizonte Graduate Advisor Services Dear Mr. Kimball, I feel compelled to write to you and apologize for the manner in which the District’s Business Administrator, Janet Roberts has treated you and inappropriately severed your contractual relationship with the Salt Lake City School District. Upon hearing that your contract … Continue reading

Trammeling Horizonte High School Scholarships

Earlier this week, I was made aware that Business Administrator Janet Roberts is overstepping her statutory bounds and in the process is disrespecting Horizonte Alternative High School’s site based decisions and challenging the authority of the Board of Education. I am calling upon newly hired Superintendent Cunningham to put Roberts in check and to immediately rectify this foolishness! BACKGROUND “In 1994, then-Horizonte Principal James Andersen and his wife, Shannon, along with Ric and Janet Harnsberger, … Continue reading