White Dominance: (Social Postionality of Whiteness) Consistent with social dominance theory, Whites in the colonized world established a set of legitimizing myths that characterized Indigenous people as infidels, heathens, savages, and uncivilized, thus deepening the divide of social postionality between themselves and those who they had designated as a negative reference group. White hegemony soon became embedded in systems of privilege and penalty that further legitimized and exacerbated the subordinate position of the minimal group. … Continue reading


Up until now, this blog has mostly consisted of  my observations that the current leadership at the Salt Lake City School district has over the years, created an environment that is adult-centered as opposed to child-centered. That focus is contributing to the intolerable disparities that occurs, based on which side of town a student comes from. The intolerable gaps between children of color and white children exist and is often referred to as the “Achievement … Continue reading

Missing Equity Audits

  This morning I submitted a GRAMA request  to the superintendent asking for copies of the school district’s Equity Audits. I had asked for these two weeks ago with negative results: 16 June 2014 DELIVERED VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL Mr. McKell Withers Salt Lake City School District 440 East 100 South  Salt Lake City, Utah 84111-1891 Re: GRAMA REQUEST: Equity Audits & Climate Surveys Dear Mr. Withers, On June 3, 2014, the school board was asked … Continue reading